Who we are?

Everyday is in the Business of Kitchen storage Accessories with the brand name ‘Everyday’. We are a leading manufacturer of the latest Kitchen Storage Accessories range since a decade. With a well established track record, our products have always met customer satisfaction. We offer great products at a competitive price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our products.

With an In-house Testing Lab, Salt Spray Machine, Plating Thickness Tester and Load Testing Machine we ensure our products pass through all international standards.

The automatic Wire Bending, Cutting, Straightening and Welding Machine ensures 100% accuracy and less production time.

‘Everyday’ offers amazing possibilities which are both convenient as well as aesthetically elegant. All our products have been designed for optimum utilisation of the space which utilise every nook and corner of the available kitchen space.

Everyday is in the manufacturing business of various types of Kitchen Accessories made or Stainless Steel with Nickel-Chrome plating adhering to the international standards.

Manufacturing and Designing

Our factory at Rajkot (Veraval-Shapar) is fully equipped with the latest automatic machinery which is capable to execute and complete complex projects adhering to the highest international standards on time with precision.

The warehouse is custom built for bulk storage of raw materials, partly-finished and finished goods.

Our skilled Fabricators and Production Technicians have worked in the industry for years and they bring their enormous experience in design and production.

The diverse product range consists or all sizes and designs such as Drawer Baskets, Corner Units, Pull Outs, Tall Units and Hanging Accessories for Kitchen platform.

Lasting performance smoother operations and reliable products is what we deliver at ‘Everyday’ consistently. We aim at providing the best in: Design, Quality Packaging, Delivery and Price.

We at ‘Everyday’ are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with the help or modern technology and sound technical know-how.


In the year 2000 Kitchen Accessories market in India was predominantly ruled by either some local or international brands. The local brands were primarliy unorganized with poor infrastructure to manufacture and distribute the accessories whereas the international brands were not only expensive but also offered a limited range. We are the pioneer in introducing Stainless Steel kitchen accessories in the Indian market.

We have a high level of vertical integration with all production processes In-house. We are having a fully automatic European made production machinery and tooling system. This system cuts the developement time from a new idea to a quality finished product.

‘CRISIL RATINGS and ‘INTERTEK’ certifications ensure world class guality standards.

Stainless Steel wire accessories are stylish, high-tech and are available in wide range which can bring drastic changes in kitchens. Stainless Steel kitchen accessories are the best solution for the budgeted modular kitchens whereas Big Unit Systems, Pull Out Systems, Corner systems, Pole system are best solutions available for the multi-storage limited space solutions.